DSP Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSP?

The Development Support Program is an immigration scheme based on the Citizenship Act No. [Cap 112 of the Laws of Vanuatu] and the Citizenship (Development Support Program) Regulations Order No 33 of 2019 of The Republic of Vanuatu, established specifically for foreign applicants. It is an easy path of access towards success with less restriction and a faster process time than most popular investment immigration schemes while staying compliant with international standards for recognition by foreign jurisdictions.

What are the advantages of DSP compared with other immigration plans?

> Fast processing time for qualification; you will be informed within just a few days whether your application has been approved in principle or not. It’s friendly and convenient;

> Vanuatu is a world-class offshore financial centre with a market economy system;

> No physical residence required by the authority;

> It has no effect on the original nationality;

> More economical compared to other Immigration programs offered at present.

Is there a minimum age requirement for an applicant?

The minimum age requirement for the main applicant is 18 years of age. The only restriction is on adults over the age of 25 and under 50.

Who are the permitted dependants?

Permitted dependants means:

> A spouse of the main applicant (must be of opposite gender);

> Unmarried children under 26 years old and parents of the main applicant or his or her spouse who are over 50 and resident with and dependant upon the applicant or spouse.

Are there any requirements for DSP applicants? What are they?

There are certain requirements for DSP applicants. Applicants should be of legal age (18 years old) and of full capability and responsibility. There is no restriction on their age, business or education background or language skills; so long as he/she could prove that the capital for investment comes from legal sources.

Is there a restriction to the number of family members for DSP applicant?

The basic DSP fee covers families with 4 members or below only. A family with more than 4 members that applies for DSP is required to pay an extra investment amount of US$12,500 for each additional dependant.

Is English ability a necessity?

No. Applicants may read and understand the investment plan and other related documents with the help of translators (friends / lawyers / family members), or by contacting our authorised service agents for more information.

Do I need to speak any special language to qualify for citizenship under DSP?

No!!  There is a requirement that a person who applies for citizenship following 10 years residence in Vanuatu must speak English, French or Bislama.  This requirement does not apply to citizenship granted under DSP.  You can become a citizen of Vanuatu under DSP even if you only speak the language of your first nationality.

Can I submit my application in a language other than English?

No. Applications that are not in English are not accepted by the CIIP Unit.

Is there any education background or business experience requirement for the applicant?

No, there is no such requirement.

What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

A police clearance certificate refers to a statement from a national law enforcement authority that the applicant has no criminal record. It is also referred to as “certificate of no criminal record or “police clearance record”.

Who is required to produce a police clearance certificate?

Each main applicant and spouse and all permitted dependants 18 years of age and older are required to produce a police certificate.

What are the possible factors that are likely to affect the speed of the process of my application?

> Incorrect or unsigned application form;

> Missing or incomplete documents;

> Illegible copies;

> No attached English translations of notarizations;

> Failure to provide an accurate mail address or changes of address causing delay in the inspection and verification of the provided information and documents;

> Criminal or safety issues

Is there an application form of DSP available online?

No. The application form for DSP can only be obtained through and submitted to the DSP Unit by an authorised designated agent.

Is residence in Vanuatu required in order to apply for citizenship?


How do I apply to be a citizen in Vanuatu?

Please send an email to Letty Kaltonga at letty@panoceanic.vu to request the application forms.

If I am no longer interested in becoming a citizen will my monies be refunded?

All monies will be refunded in accordance with government regulations of DSP, with the exception of due diligence fees and application fees if you withdraw your application before payment of the 25% deposit.

Travel Enquiries


Vanuatu passport holders have enjoyed the right to 90-days visa-on-arrival since early June 2015.  But, if you go in and out of the Schengen area, you can spend more than a total of 90 days in any period of 180 days.
You may need to calculate the length of your periods of stay in the EU/Schengen area that count against your entitlement to 90 days of stay in any period of 180 days.
The day of your arrival counts as your first day of stay and the day of your departure counts as your last day of stay.
The following link is to a web page with a complete guide to your privileges and restrictions for travel in the EU/Schengen area, including a form that calculates the aggregate length of your stays that count towards the 90 day period : http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/home-affairs/what-we-do/policies/borders-and-visas/border-crossing/index_en.htm
As a Vanuatu passport holder, you already have 90-days visa-free to the UK.  Travel in the UK does not count for the purposes of calculating your stay in EU/Schengen.

Hong Kong / Macau (For Chinese Nationals)

Hong Kong

The right to exit China using a Chinese two-way permit is a right exclusive to Chinese citizens. China does not recognise dual nationality and has authorised Hong Kong to accept the China two-way permit as a valid travel document for Chinese nationals entering Hong Kong directly from China. A Chinese national who exits China using his China two-way permit does not have an exit stamp in his Vanuatu passport and is, therefore, presumed to have exited China on a different document. If that document is a China two-way permit, that is proof that the holder is a Chinese national taking advantage of the special arrangement between China and Hong Kong and it is not acceptable to Hong Kong that they take advantage of that privilege and then attempt to enter Hong Kong as a citizen of a different country.

 Chinese holders of DSP Vanuatu passports who wish to enter Hong Kong using that passport should, therefore, not attempt to do so at any of the direct China/Hong Kong borders but should only do so by entering Hong Kong from a third country and arriving by air.


Macau is not so insistent that you enter Macau with the Chinese two-way permit when using that permit to exit China but they do insist on seeing a document that records the exit from the last country you visited.  So, if you exited China with the two-way permit, they will need to see the exit stamp in the two-way permit.  If there is even the slightest difference in the personal data on that permit and the Vanuatu passport (such as date or place of birth or spelling of the name), that is likely to trigger an investigation and possible detention.  So you need to be very careful about any differences when you apply for a Vanuatu passport.

Passport Questions

What is a Vanuatu Passport?

A Vanuatu passport is a required document for citizens of Vanuatu to use whenever they travel overseas.  The purpose of the passport is to facilitate the movement of citizens within foreign borders.

How many types of Vanuatu passports are there?

There are three main category of communities that the heads of the states of the world have requested all immigration border controls to facilitate their entries and exits as well as providing them special attentions.

> Citizens (Community of the Citizens)

> Officials (Community of the Government officials)

> Diplomats (Community of State Leaders)

To comply with this protocol, Vanuatu issues three kinds of passport:

> Ordinary passport (for the citizens) (green)

> Official passport (for the government officials) (blue)

> Diplomatic passport (for all diplomats) (red)

Will my Chinese passport be invalidated if I apply successfully for DSP and obtain a Vanuatu passport?

According to the prevailing laws and regulations of Vanuatu, successful DSP applicants will not be required to renounce their original citizenship.  This change was made expressly for tVanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment programmes.

How long is the Vanuatu passport valid for?

The Vanuatu passport is valid for a maximum period of 5 years.  The validity period starts from the date of issue and runs until the date of expiry.  It can be easily renewed on expiry.