DSP Features

• DSP citizenship is full Vanuatu citizenship, not some other class such as “economic citizenship”.

• But holders of dual nationality are subject to certain restrictions (see below).

• The successful application covers the whole family, including the spouse and 2 children under 18. 

• For an additional fee, the “family” can also include additional dependants regardless of age.

• Residency not required after citizenship has been acquired.

• No restrictions on education, background, language, age or business.

• No taxation except on land, share transfers, VAT on business done locally and import duties on goods imported for local business.

• Vanuatu passport is ranked 37 in the world.

• Visa-free/visa-on-arrival to 128 countries.

Restrictions on Dual Nationals

Holders of dual nationality in Vanuatu may not engage in any of the following activities which would forfeit their citizenship:

• Hold or serve in any public office or armed forces.

• Be involved in Vanuatu politics.

• Fund activities that would cause political instability in Vanuatu.

• Affiliate with or form any political parties in Vanuatu.

• Stand as a candidate or vote at any of the following elections:

​• General election for members to Parliament.

• Provincial election for members to a Provicial Government Council.

• Municipal election for members to a Municipal Council.