DSP Features

Applicant completes application form set and required supporting documents as described above.

• The application form set comprises:

~Application for residence for applicant, spouse (if the spouse so elects) and named dependants;

~Application for citizenship for the above;

~Separate applications for passports for applicant, spouse and each dependant;

• Provision of KYC documents, application forms and US$2,000 for FIU clearance checks.

• Following satisfactory inspection of the documents and completion of any necessary checks, an officer of the Citizenship Commission and Immigration Services confirms the issue of the FIU clearance.

• Within one month of receiving the FIU clearance, the applicant must deposit the full application fee with Panoceanic, along with the full application required documents. For maximum speed, applicants should submit all their documents to Panoceanic and pay the money during the first week of the month (2 weeks before the approval meeting).

• As soon as the full application documents and funds are available Pan Oceanic will pay 25% of the government fee to the Citizenship Commission to qualify the application for vetting by the Screening Committed and then the full Citizenship Commission.  This deposit is not refundable in any event.  (It should be noted that we are not aware of a single case of the deposit being forfeited after approval by FIU and submission of all qualifying documents)

• The Citizenship Commission’s Screening Committee will then review and submit to the Citizenship Commission for final approval at its next meeting, usually in the third week of each month. The applicant can expect to get the Citizenship Certificate, passport within 2 weeks from the meeting (first week of the next month). Therefore, we offer a turn around time of one month but, if you fail to get your docs in at the right time, you may have to wait till the next meeting, creating a turn around time of a maximum of 7 weeks. Ask for more information.

• The Commission may approve or reject any application in its discretion but the 75% instalment of the government fee is not paid until after the application has been fully approved.

• Upon final approval by the Citizenship Commission, the applicant, spouse and each dependent must attend a meeting in Vanuatu or Hong Kong to swear an Oath/Affirmation of Allegiance and provide thumb prints in the presence of a Vanuatu Commissioner for Oaths.

• At that meeting or within one week thereafter the applicant, spouse and each dependant will be presented their Certificates of Citizenship and passports.

• All sums paid for the application must be paid to Panoceanic to its account at National Bank of Vanuatu by SWIFT remittance. Cash will not be accepted.

• The above fees do not include ancillary services such as translations, editing, notarization, bank charges, financial service, medical check, legal, accounting and valuation fees, travel and accommodation or other similar outgoings.

• The average time for an application to be processed from submission of application to grant is one month to 6 weeks.