ā€¢ Applicants must be over the age of 18 when submittingĀ their application.

ā€¢ Applicants should have no less than $250,000 dollars ofĀ net personal assets when submitting their application.

ā€¢ Within one month after the application has beenĀ granted FIU clearance, the applicant should deposit theĀ full application fee with GK Immigration services LimitedĀ (GKIS).

ā€‹ā€¢ Applicants must submit an original orĀ notarisedĀ certificate of noĀ criminal record from the jurisdiction in which he/she hasĀ resided during the last 12 months and (if different) theĀ jurisdiction of his/her principal nationality.



Required Documents

ā€¢Application Form (including the spouse and all dependents inluded in the application).

ā€‹ā€¢Notarised scan (hi-res, full colour) copy of theĀ Passports of all applicants (including the spouse and all dependentsĀ includedĀ in the application. Passport cover + 1st and last 3 pages of the passport).

ā€‹ā€¢Certified Identity card color scan of each person included in the application (where issued by the jurisdiction of nationality or residence).

ā€‹ā€¢Certified Birth Certificates of all applicants or household register (ęˆ¶å£for Chinese applicants), whereĀ available.

ā€‹ā€¢CertifiedĀ Marriage certificate of applicant and spouse, if spouse is included in application.

ā€¢Curriculum vitae (CV / Resume) of applicant.

ā€‹ā€¢Notarised police clearance of applicants and dependants age 18 and above.

ā€‹ā€¢English medical certificate of applicants.Ā 

ā€‹ā€¢Most recent education proof of dependant children.

ā€‹ā€¢6Ā high definition passport photos of each person included in the application (40mm x 50mm, white background).

ā€‹ā€¢ Proof of assets owned by the applicant to a value of more than US$250,000, with 6 months bank statement.